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Luther's House Church Proposal  This is an excerpt from Luther's writings in which he discusses his revision to the Latin Mass, his introduction of the German Mass, and his suggestion for an "Evangelical Order" of worship with full sacramental life led by the laity in homes.


House Churches - Selected Resources contains Luther's HC proposal; comments from researcher George Barna on HC growth in North America; four groups promoting HC multiplication; some personal comments and observations; three possible scenarios for launching HCs from conventional congregations. 


The Tree describes Rick Warren's five Purposes in an organic, growth-oriented metaphor.


Evangelical Effectiveness  This document presents a simple measure of how effective a congregation is in evangelism.  It looks at the number of adult baptisms, per 100 worshippers, per year.  The data set is small sample of ELCA congregations in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area over a six year period.